8 Essential Tips to Study Accounting Efficiently

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You often see students acing their exams. These students make you wonder if studying those subjects is that easy. Well, those high-performing students study their courses, including accounting, by putting in effort and following the essential criteria. They don’t sit and wait for a miracle to happen and for the A’s to roll in.

Would you like to know the tips that the top students follow? If yes, don’t forget to read till the end;you may get a recipe for topping classes and maxing exams.

1. Don’t focus on the important stuff only

Many students ask their teachers and seniors to tell them what concepts they should focus on and what they can conveniently skip. Most of the time, these students have a hectic social life and participate in extra-curricular activities in college. So, they don’t find much time for deep study. But the reality is that it is not what high-achievers do.

Focusing on only the essential concepts may helpyou pass your exam, but you cannot top your class or become an expert in accounting this way. So, make sure to focus on all the concepts and solve all the questions and numerical problems found at the end of each chapter. These are carefully placed to see what you have understood about the preceding chapter.

2. Don’t skip your classes

Some students think skipping a few classes and covering the pending concepts later is okay, but it is not! You cannot replicate the learning experience you get in a classroom environment.

If you struggle to attend all the classes due to commitment(work, motherhood, single parenting, etc.), choose the study mode wisely. An online MACC degree is more suitable for a mother than an on-campus course. She can focus on her studies when her kids are not around, sleeping, or playing with their dad. This study mode will allow her to attend the recorded lecturers whenever she has the time, plus she can go through the lecture repeatedly. Similarly, if you have a full-time or part-time job, the online education mode is still better.

3. Test yourself after every chapter

Suppose you aspire to become a top student and study accounting efficiently. In that case, you must know the best way to develop a command of accounting concepts and internalize them is through quizzes. Therefore, test yourself whenever you finish a chapter or a hard lesson.

Apart from the testing resources mentioned at the end of the chapter, you can take the help of online resources too. Your college may have additional resources— preparatory material, mock tests, and exams— available online. Otherwise, ask your librarian for the past papers. The more you test yourself and solve questions, the better you become at your subject.

4. Study every day

Studying every day is difficult, and you often struggle to develop a dedicated study routine. But you should strictly follow the schedule and time you’ve set for studying if you want to graspthe mind-boggling accounting concepts— because discipline is the key to acing accounting.

Study the concepts you have learned in the class or during your online lecture daily. If you study every day, you won’t be required to study as hard during the exams, as you will already have all the concepts clear in your mind.

5. Work in groups

Sometimes accounting problems are so intricate that you require multiple minds to work together and solve them. When you are learning a relatively challenging concept of accounting, it is better to study in groups than to waste your time studying alone.

When you work in a small group (three to four people), you can discuss the problem and find the solution together. Studying in a group, you will see that if working alone on a problem requires one hour, you can solve the same question in 30 minutes.

6. Participate in class

When studying in a classroom, your pace of learning and understanding a concept is quite different compared to studying in the house. It is because asking questions and participating in class discussions is the best way to boost your learning.

Class discussions are very fruitful and give you an alternate perspective of your accounting problems. It is no coincidence that students who sit at the back are also those who often fail their tests, don’t submit assignments on time, or run after teachers for extra time.

7. Try to ask “why” too

Top students who study efficiently know that learning the way (how) of solving a single problem is not enough;they have to understand the reason (why) too. It would help to ask your teacher and peers why a solution or technique applies to a problem and not any other method.

Understanding the “why” will help you understand the concept in depth.Striving to know the reason for using a particular method over the other is especially true in accounting because you are always required to go by the rule book when applying the theories.

8. Be your own competition

It is not uncommon to see students competing and trying to get better scores than their peers. This exercise undoubtedly helps students study more, but it limits their competition, restricting it to the other students in the class.

If someone is getting 90%, you might want to get a little more. But what about your own goal, and what do you want to achieve? Where do you want to see yourself?

Compete with yourself, have a goal in mind about where you want to see yourself and visualize theroute to reach the goal.

Make sure your goals are compelling and achievable. Design your goals,soeach one is a little higher than the last one.


You can achieve what you plan to— don’t doubt yourself for a minute. Self-doubt can mess up your brain and make your efforts less effective. Always believe in yourself that there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Accounting students need to work hard and achieve their goal of studying accounting efficiently and acing their exams. If you want to reach the top, follow a dedicated work schedule, work in groups, and raise questions about accounting principles with your teacher and peers.

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