5 Healthcare Jobs for Your Career Change

Changing careers is a big decision, but it can help you find a new sense of purpose and fulfillment at work. You may think that it’s too late to pursue a career in the healthcare sector, but many people successfully enter the medical field after years of working in a different area. Here are five jobs related to medicine and health that you can consider when you change careers.

1. Medical Records Specialist

The healthcare field doesn’t experience the same ups and downs as other industries. There is a constant flow of new patients and people needing care. Since hospitals and clinics rely on complex systems to manage vital medical records, many job openings exist for medical records specialists. You can earn a certification in this area or a related area in just a few weeks.

2. Registered Nurse

Contrary to what you might believe, nurses are the lifeblood of hospitals and clinics. Nurses are the frontline workers who engage with patients before anyone else, and they make critical medical decisions that save lives. To become a registered nurse, you must meet your state’s education and certification requirements. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may be able to add on an associate’s degree in nursing to accomplish this goal.

3. Dental Hygienist

If you are accustomed to the nine-to-five hours of office life, you may be interested in switching to a career as a dental hygienist. These employees work in the office of a dental practice and don’t perform any emergency or surgical procedures. Dental hygienists provide routine cleanings and simple examinations to help ease the workload of dentists. Again, an associate’s degree may be enough to launch yourself into this field.

4. Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapists work diligently to help people recover from accidents and injuries, and they also focus on preventative care. As a physical therapy assistant, you will help with all day-to-day functions of a physical therapy office and sometimes work with patients under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. This is a great career option if you are interested in helping people recover strength and flexibility after an injury.

5. Healthcare System Data Analyst

If you have experience in the technology industry, there are many jobs available for your career change in healthcare. Every major hospital system utilizes data to process records, payments, and information. As a data analyst in healthcare, you will leverage your skills and knowledge from the tech industry to support the important medical work that goes on in a hospital or clinic.

You can help healthcare professionals and administrators see the strengths and weaknesses of their practice by transforming data points into actionable goals for improvement. You can also work to implement the use of new software that is more effective and secure.

Not every job allows you to truly help people. By shifting your career into healthcare and medicine, you can go to work every day knowing that your job has a positive impact on someone’s life.