Behavioral Health Technician: Job Description & Requirements

What Is a Behavioral Health Technician?

Behavioral health technician or psychiatric technicians assist medical doctors and nurses through wearing out remedy plans for humans with behavioral problems. These specialists normally maintain both a certificates or an associate’s diploma in intellectual fitness era or psychiatric era. Licensure or certification is now and again required.

Behavioral Health Technician Job Description

So what does a conduct technician do exactly? A behavioral fitness technician (or behavioral fitness specialist) assists with the remedy of sufferers who’ve numerous behavioral problems, including substance abuse, post-disturbing pressure disorder, intellectual instability, and bodily and emotional abuse. These specialists regularly paintings in hospitals, shelters, and intellectual fitness centers.

Behavioral Health Technician Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), behavioral fitness technicians, additionally known as psychiatric technicians, earned an average annual income of $33,780 as of May 2019. Job boom for those technicians is anticipated to be a great deal quicker than average, with a projected boom of thirteen% from 2019 to 2029, in keeping with the BLS.

BHT Job Duties

A behavioral fitness technician is anticipated to apprehend and put in force person remedy plans, file affected person conduct, and offer a safe, supportive surroundings for the sufferers. Technicians can also additionally offer and file affected person medicinal drugs and supporting in day by day sports, whether or not healing or recreational. Their activity might also encompass mediating or proscribing any violent conduct. Some of the maximum crucial abilities required for this discipline encompass interpersonal and observational abilities, together with bodily stamina.

Training and Educational Requirements


Educational necessities for behavioral fitness technicians commonly contain a postsecondary certificates, eleven though associate’s ranges also are to be had within side the discipline. Degree packages are undertaken with the aid of using the ones on this discipline commonly contain psychiatry or intellectual fitness technology, exploring subjects including biology, counseling, and psychology. Students also can regularly locate internships whilst at college to assist advantage enjoy. Many normally have earlier enjoy within side the nursing discipline, including a nursing assistant or certified realistic nurse.

All diploma tiers will obtain full-size on-the-activity education. This ought to encompass workshops, lectures, and operating with sufferers whilst below the near supervision of an skilled expert within side the discipline.


The maximum distinguished enterprise presenting certification on this discipline is the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians. There are 4 tiers of certification that may be attained primarily based totally on schooling and enjoy, and all tiers require the a success of of entirety of an examination and/or an essay test. Level 1 certification includes of of entirety of best a excessive school-degree schooling, whilst Level 2 calls for of of entirety of 30 semester credit score hours and 365 days of expert enjoy.

There are some of instructional routes that possible take to end up a behavioral fitness technician, eleven though maximum of those specialists maintain a certificates or an associate’s diploma. Those inquisitive about this profession discipline might also want to stable certification, relying at the company and kingdom in which they paintings.

Pay Scale for a Behavioral Health Technician


The pinnacle 10 percentage of behavioral fitness technicians made over $51,2 hundred in step with year. Additionally, $24.sixty one in step with hour, as of May 2010, in keeping with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the bottom earners obtained much less than $15,680 annually, or $7.fifty four hourly. Average wages ran a yearly $31,370, or $15.08 in step with hour. Techs earn their pay with the aid of using assisting with admitting and discharging sufferers, main healing sports and tracking crucial signs, including blood pressure. They can supply medicinal drugs, following commands from clinical staff, and restrain folks that can also additionally end up bodily violent. Their responsibilities can encompass supporting with such day by day sports as consuming and bathing.


Over a 3rd of the 69,840 behavioral fitness technicians earned averages of $34,one hundred seventy in step with year, or $16.forty three in step with hour, with the aid of using operating in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, their biggest employers. The maximum salaries got here from distinctiveness hospitals that did now no longer encompass psychiatry and substance abuse. Averages right here ran a imply $47,840 annually, or $23 hourly. Employers require at the least a postsecondary certificates for the profession. Hence, from technical faculties and network colleges. Assistants then obtain on-the-activity education earlier than they are able to paintings with out direct supervision. Arkansas, California, Colorado and Kansas additionally require licensing, which mandates passing an examination.


The maximum populous states of the union confirmed the first-rate possibilities for behavioral fitness technicians. Texas become first, with nearly 15 percentage of the jobs, and imply wages of $18. Six hundred in step with year, or $eight.ninety four in step with hour. California observed with 12 percentage of the positions, averaging $52,280 yearly, or $25.thirteen hourly. For cities, Boston ranked first for employment. With eight percentage of the employment and method at an annual $38,990, or $18.seventy five hourly. The metropolis with the first-rate paying employers become Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, averaging $58,370 yearly, or $28.06 in step with hour.


Behavioral fitness technicians can count on activity boom of 15 percentage from 2010 to 2020. In keeping with the BLS, that’s near the 14 percentage. It will increase anticipated for all jobs in all industries. An getting older populace will force the call for. Due to the fact older people have a more probability of cognitive intellectual diseases. Including Alzheimer’s, requiring the offerings of techs. Opportunities will come from residential centers due to the long-time period fashion in the direction of treating psychiatric. Hence, sufferers outdoor of hospitals, which affords more price savings.

Behavioural Health Technician

A Psychiatric Professional (PT) takes care of individuals that are psychologically or developmentally disabled. The PT utilizes systematic, practical, and hands-on abilities to identify and cure people struggling with mental and developing problems.

The Psychiatric Professional Program presents students to the whole psychology field, worrying about the applications and concepts used in various clinical setups. Hence, this training course uses training to the specialists to comprehend the behaviour patterns of the individuals. Moreover, these technicians research and exercise a wide range of topics managing personality, knowledge, believing capacities, learning abilities, actions patterns and assumption of different concerns.

Behavioural Health Technician Jobs

The Program offers a course on Pharmacology that teaches the technicians regarding providing and prescribing drugs securely to the clients. Moreover, this covers providing the right does, typically recommended medicines, resources utilized to deal with the mentally ill patients, different treatments involved etc.

Psychiatric Specialist Training aids in applying behaviour management techniques, situation service. Additionally, individual and team treatment sessions, and maintaining nursing and health care amongst patients. A few of the basic concepts covered in this training program manage genetic variants, chromosomal anomalies, and mental deficiency.


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