How to Write a Perfect Essay?

Have you ever written an essay on any topic? Did you find it challenging? After delivering your essay, did you find your writing to be perfect? Ideally, learning institutions in the United States and across the globe capitalize on essay writing to train their students in constructing interesting arguments and research skills. The prerequisite of logical planning and creativity makes writing essays challenging for both English as a Native Language (ENL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) students in colleges and universities.

What You Need to Know About Perfect Essay Writing

After receiving a prompt or instruction for an essay, what steps or initiatives do you take to write a perfect English essay? You are more likely to agree that adhering to a rubric or instructions is non-negotiable. Even if you write a perfect essay on a topic other than the one provided, you will never meet the basic criteria during marking. Therefore, this section outlines tips you can use to demonstrate your intelligence, comprehension, and knowledge in a free and innovative way.

Take time to understand the question

Are you one of the students who procrastinate until the deadline is near before starting your assignment? What inconvenience have you ever encountered with this behavior? In most cases, the instructions might be unclear or require clarification from the instructor or professor. For instance, you might be unsure if the professor required you to write about the parliament structure of the United States or the United Kingdom. In this case, time constraints would limit you from seeking clarification. Such a situation would force you to gamble and consequently reduce the chances of you delivering a perfect essay for grading.

Understanding the question would help you decide the time you require for writing the essay. If you find the topic complex, you will definitely need adequate time. In particular, you will have to read several sources to get the overall impression of the topic. Generally speaking, taking time to understand the question forms the cornerstone of planning to write a perfect essay.

Create an outline

Do you know why professors obligate students to write an essay within a specific word count or pages? Ideally, the reason for this requirement concerns imparting students with skills of providing only relevant facts and information on a particular topic. This obligation also discourages wordiness or the use of “empty” words and phrases in expressing ideas.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I create an outline?” It would be best if you broke the main topic into subtopics. For instance, in a 10-page essay on the importance of education, you will say the introduction and conclusion will take about a page each. Then, the main body would be 8 pages divided into different sections, such as the importance of education in information technology, agriculture, engineering, and medicine. Such an outline will make your research easy.

Source for online assistance

What if you fail to understand the instructions of a specific topic completely? What will you do? Will you just sit back and repeat the course? You should never allow this to happen to you just because of a college essay. You may ask: “Who can write my essay for me from scratch?” In this case, you should consider the services of CustomWritings to professionally process your request online. Ideally, it is more expensive to repeat a full academic year than to hire a quality writer from this essay writing service. Since writers complete assignments from scratch, you will be sure to receive a well-researched and plagiarism-free paper. You can also request the expert on the website to provide an outline as well as digital sources at a small price. However, you will receive a cover page and reference section at no extra cost. With this online assistance, you will deliver the perfect essay for grading.

Sources selection

What do you think sources have to do with writing a perfect essay? Ideally, it will help you provide relevant information on a specific topic. For instance, you should never use a nursing journal to complete a paper on a recent event. In this case, you should consider using reputable sources like the Washington Post, the Guardian, and the New York Times. What about a paper on the economic performance of developed or developing nations? Here, use data from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, or other related organizations.

How will you know a source is reputable? You can look at various things before deciding to use any Internet source. A notable example is a URL. You can utilize it if it contains org., gov., edu., and com. Other factors to consider include authors’ credentials, qualifications, and organizational affiliation.

How to Write a Good Essay in College

After joining the college, the professor expects you to deliver a well-structured essay. Throughout your school life, be sure to come across informative, narrative, argumentative, and persuasive essays. How will you tackle them? Even though each one requires a specific type of writing, you should be conversant with the following structure of the essay.


How do you write your introduction? Without understanding the intricacies involved, you might never write a great introduction. Ideally, it should begin with a statement or question that attracts the reader’s attention. Afterward, highlight the background information of the topic. It would be best if you never start answering the question in the introduction. After that, complete your introduction with a thesis statement. Be keen never to confuse a thesis statement and a purpose statement. Let us take a look at the following examples, assuming the topic is the importance of education:

  • Purpose statement – this paper aims to illustrate the importance of education in the society
  • Thesis statement – through research and laboratory work, scientists have solved the water scarcity challenge by inventing desalination machines and consequently providing direct and indirect employment, improving the standard of living, and increasing government revenue.

In this case, the purpose statement is more like restating the question, while the thesis statement answers the question. You can expand the thesis statement after completing your paper.

The body

By understanding the components of the paragraph, you will have answered the question, “how to write a perfect essay.” In this case, you should start with a topic sentence, which shows what will be discussed. The next thing would be to provide evidence. This statement(s) supports your topic sentence. Afterward, evaluate the source by relating it to the topic. Lastly, provide a concluding sentence that wraps up the idea discussed in the paragraph. Also Read – What is a standard form calculator and how to use it?


A great conclusion should reflect ideas discussed in the essay rather than repeating the same information. Under this section, you should also provide an afterthought and a closing statement. Refrain from repeating information in your conclusion.

In general, to be successful in academics, you have to understand the techniques and strategies for writing a perfect essay. However, students who concurrently succeed in academic and co-curricular activities rely on online assistance in writing essays.