10 Brilliant Benefits that Students in International Schools Enjoy

Graduates of international schools are in a league of their own. This is because they get to experience a global, intentional, and advanced method of learning that allows them to navigate the world effectively.  If your child is about to start schooling and you want to give your child a head start, you should seriously consider enrolling your child in an international school. To give you an idea as to how advantageous it would be, we would enlist all the ten brilliant benefits that international school graduates enjoy. Knowing them will illuminate your mind and help you in making the right decision for your child’s future. Read on, fully understand, and act accordingly.

10 Brilliant Benefits that Students in International Schools Enjoy

1: Exposure to diverse global cultures.

Graduates of international schools become citizens of the world at a very early age. This is because they get exposed to teachers, administrators, and classmates from different parts of the world on a daily basis. Such exposure sets students to have a wider and more inclusive view of the world. Such exposure helps them easily adjust, assimilate, and collaborate with people from all walks of life and culture.

2: Mastery of multiple languages.

Graduates of international schools know much about different languages. This happens in an almost effortless way through their unique curriculum and seamless exposure to people from different cultures who speak different languages. International schools offer lessons not just in the English language but also in French, Spanish, German, and even Mandarin. Apart from such lessons, they also get to effortlessly mingle and socialize with classmates who are native speakers of different languages. This friendly environment allows for easy and enjoyable learning.

3: Academic-centered global social network.

International students are friends with international academic institutions and international students from all over the world. This is the case because international schools have connections and collaborations with educational and non-educational institutions from all over the world. Such connection makes it very normal for any international student to join international contests, international sports fests, and international conventions.

4: Training under different learning styles and principles.

International schools are advanced educational institutions that are at the forefront of learning advancement. They go all out in deploying progressive principles to bring about an effective and boosted way of learning. This is something that students greatly benefit from because they get to learn not just in a uniform and impersonal way. International schools take time to know their students and study the effective learning methods of each individual.

5: New and expansive experiences.

International students turn out as informed, engaged, and successful members of society because they are exposed to more global and expansive experiences. International schools make it possible for students in all parts of the world to get the same expansive experiences and learning that students from highly developed countries get to experience. This effectively gives international students an edge.

6: An international curriculum vitae.

The world is getting smaller and smaller as you read this article. So much so that today’s employers look for individuals that can easily connect, interact, and collaborate with people from different cultures and nationalities. This is something that international schools effectively prepare their students for. With an international school education, employers from public and private institutions that will get in touch with your child will immediately know that your child is well-equipped to excel and succeed in international projects and international organizations.

7: Tutelage under the best instructors from all over the world.

International school students have access to the best teachers that the world has to offer. In learning English, they would get hands-on instruction from English language experts who are also native English speakers. Such will be the case if they’d choose to study French, German, Spanish, or Mandarin. Such exposure makes a world of difference.

8: Holistic learning approach.

International schools equally pay attention to each student’s extra-curricular activities. This is mainly the reason why graduates of international schools find it easier to get into universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, and Oxford. All student applicants of such universities are academically excellent. It is in their participation in extracurricular activities that their potentials and capacities are evaluated and determined when compared to other applicants. A good example of this is Harrow International School Hong Kong, an international school in Hong Kong that offers diverse programmes for sports, performance arts, and more.

9: Culturally diverse global lifestyle.

International school students also have an easier time when it comes to living in a highly globalized world. They have a solidly diverse academic upbringing that makes it easy for them to create a lifestyle and participate in a community that is inclusive, intelligent, and just. International school students have a wider insight into the world. Such students also know their precious place in it.

10: Effortless thinking, learning, reading, and writing in English.

All lessons in international schools are taught in English. Such practice makes it easy for international school students to think, learn, read, and write in English in a way that only an intelligent native speaker could. Their solid exposure to the English language makes them easy global leaders that can guide, lead, and teach others effortlessly. They effortlessly become effective participants in all global and international conversations.