Cultural Diffusion: Definition, Expansion & Popular Cultures

Cultural Diffusion

The definition of cultural diffusion (noun) is the geographical and social unfold of the one of a kind elements of 1 extra cultures to one of a kind ethnicities, religions, nationalities, areas, etc. Cultural diffusion is set the spreading of tradition over time. There are many varieties of cultural diffusion, and on this manual we are able to cross over the kinds and offer examples. The following examine publications on this unit collection cross into extra examples of cultural diffusion in precise anciently and contemporary-day contexts.

Relocation Diffusion

Relocation Diffusion takes place whilst humans flow from their unique area to every other and convey their improvements with them. Immigration from united states to united states, metropolis to metropolis, etc. As they relocate to a brand new area, they create their ideas, cultural culture including meals, track, and extra. As loads of people immigrate to a brand new surroundings, they create alongside their cultural connections, influencing others withinside the new environments. Relocation diffusion also can be compelled as opposed to chosen.


Many cultural additives of Southern US architecture, cuisine, and track have African and Caribbean origins because of the compelled relocation and enslavement of African humans in the course of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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Another instance is the cultural diffusion from whilst over million persecuted Jewish humans fled Eastern Europe among 1881 and 1914 to stay in Britain or the United States.

Expansion Diffusion

Expansion Diffusion is the unfold of an concept thru a populace in which the quantity of these inspired grows constantly larger. There are 3 sub-varieties of Expansion diffusion: Stimulus, Hierarchical, and Contagious.

Contagious Diffusion

Contagious Diffusion is described as distance-managed spreading of an concept thru a nearby populace with the aid of using touch from character to character. Similarly to a disease, it spreads swiftly from one supply to others from character to character. Another manner to think about it’s far just like the spreading of a wooded area fire. 

Examples of contagious diffusion

  • religions whilst humans are in touch with perception structures in particular universalizing religions including Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. Missionaries unfold Christianity.
  • the globalization of social networking, media platforms.
  • whilst films or songs cross viral, they contagiously diffuse like wildfire thru the assist of contemporary-day technological improvements.  All memes show off contagious diffusion!

Hierarchical Diffusion

Hierarchical Diffusion is whilst a concept spreads using passing first a few of the maximum related people. Hence, spreading to different people. Think of the chain of command in businesses, and the authorities. There’s truly of a hierarchy in phrases of role of authority.

Examples of hierarchical diffusion

  1. The Federal authorities including the president, vice president. Also, cupboard contributors are the primary to be knowledgeable of governmental subjects. Earlier than the overall public and kingdom authorities personnel.
  2. A enterprise CEO is extra knowledgeable on subjects inside their agency. Earlier than the unfold of that records to personnel and the overall public.
  3. You also can consider famous track first attaining city centers, metropolis groups in New York, LA. Chicago earlier than gaining reputation a few of the wider public. 

Stimulus Diffusion

Stimulus Diffusion is whilst an concept diffuses from its cultural fireside outward, however the unique concept is modified with the aid of using the brand new adopters. Almost all cultural diffusions may have a few thing of stimulus diffusion due to the methods tradition adapts to new environmental, social, and political conditions.

Examples of stimulus diffusion

  • The McDonalds rapid meals chain originating withinside the US midwest having advanced one of a kind menu gadgets in one of a kind areas of the world.
  • The converting interpretations of spiritual texts as they’re translates into different languages.

Maladaptive Diffusion

Maladaptive Diffusion is the adoption of diffusing developments that aren’t sensible or reflective of a region’s surroundings or tradition.

Examples of maladaptive diffusion:

  • the unfold of grass lawns and monoculture plants that are each actively very dangerous to the surroundings
  • the recognition of sporting blue denims in any climate. In spite of the impracticality of sporting them within side the wintry weather season

This picture depicts the Diffusion S Curve with the aid of using Hager strand. In particular within side the version of the adoption of technology. The tiers encompass innovators, early adopters (small businesses of these that may afford). Accompanied with the aid of using majority adopters (quicker price of adoption as soon as fee decreases). Finally laggards/overdue adopters (price of adoption slows down). The fashion resembles the letter S consequently is refer as an S curve.

Understanding the psychology of Cultural Diffusion

The term society would mean the whole gamut of activities, beliefs, way of living, behaviours, rituals, arts, ethics, and behaviour patterns of a culture. Yet despite the vast meaning of society, the aspects of society being as well varied and divergent, it is not easy to supply a partnership between society and psychology. There are two common means by which the association between psychology and culture is examined via intra-cultural psychology or behaviour patterns within a particular society and intercultural psychology or behaviour and mental characteristics between cultures.

Cultural Diffusion Definition

Intra-cultural psychology looks to comprehend the social basis of habits by studying the peculiarities of a society. Its rules, and norms and demonstrates how traditions shape. Or affect the collective subconscious of individuals within the community. Nevertheless, in psychology, this is thought about as ‘cultural psychology. An uncomplicated term denoting the research study of cultural customs and their impacts on the psychology of people. This type of categorization might be misleading as it often tends to see cultures. As essentially different units and highlights differences instead of similarities.

Cross-cultural psychology focuses on finding universal patterns of habits or ideas that prevail among individuals of all cultures. This is what has described below as ‘inter-cultural psychology. The terms ‘intracultural and ‘inter-cultural psychology would undoubtedly be more conducive to discovering psychology that reveals convergent cultural actions amongst individuals across cultures.

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