Student Accommodation 101: Which Is The Right Option For You

After the A-level results come out over the summer, a whole new group of students prepares to join university for the first time. For most individuals, this is a moment of happiness and anticipation. However, there are some important decisions you’re supposed to make when you’re joining the campus. It includes where you’re going to be staying during your campus life. However, it might be challenging to choose a suitable accommodation for a new student.

It’s important to understand that where you live as a student may significantly impact your university experience. After all, it is where you’ll study, make friends, and relax after a long day of lectures. For these reasons, it’s essential to get it right. Apart from the mentioned reasons, where you’ll live may teach you many valuable life skills such as cooking, decision making, budgeting, and more, helping shape your adult life.

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Moreover, the following article discusses what you need to know about student accommodation. You’ll learn the importance of choosing the right accommodation, factors to consider to ensure you select the right student accommodation, and more. Read on.

What’s The Importance Of Choosing The Right Accommodation?

As mentioned above, where you’ll be living may affect your overall campus experience. The following are the benefits of choosing suitable student accommodation. They include:

  • Easier Access To Facilities
    You may want to utilize school facilities such as libraries, study areas, and more as a student. If you choose suitable student accommodation, it’ll be easier to use the available resources for maximum gain.
  • Better Social Life
    Humans are social creatures, and at some time, you’ll need a friend you can confide in with yourself. It may include fellow students or even other members of the public. The place you’ll be living in may impact your social life, either positively or negatively. Conduct extensive research to ensure you choose student housing with the right circle, improving your social life.
  • Proper Use Of Finances
    As it depends on which place you live, you may be expected to pay rent, bills, and other charges. Whether you’re working or being supported by your parents, the student accommodation you choose may affect your spending. Selecting suitable student accommodation will ensure proper use of your hard-earned bucks, improving the quality of your life.On the other hand, if you live in the wrong accommodation, you may end up spending more to keep up with costly bills and living standards. Thus, you’ll have to work extra hard to pay the bills, and this may end up affecting your performance in school.

What’s The Right Student Accommodation For You?

As mentioned above, choosing the right accommodation can be a daunting task. You may consider utilizing the following tips to ensure you select the right accommodation for yourself or your loved ones. They include:

1. Discover Your Options

There are several types of student housing you can choose from alternatively. Some varieties, such as residence halls, are usually found on campus. However, real estate firms and other service providers in your locality have made it easier for students to find accommodation outside their university.

The following is a quick classification of each type of student housing. You’ll discover the cons and pros of each class to help make your decision.

Halls Of Residence

These are university-managed accommodations that house hundreds or thousands of students. The residence halls have blocks of furnished bedrooms arranged around the corridors with a shared-use kitchen, TV area, bathroom, dining hall, and more. However, some universities have been offering ensuite halls of residence to their students in recent years, improving their quality.

The following are advantages of choosing halls of residence. They include:

  • Bills
    In most cases, your account bills will be lower when living in halls of residence. For instance, if you apply for a catered residence place, all of your bills, such as utilities, food, and maintenance, will be included when paying for the accommodation. Thus, you’ll know what you’re precisely budgeting for, improving your financial stability.
  • University Life
    In most cases, residence halls are usually located on or close to campus. Thus, living here will put you in the middle of student life. For this reason, it’ll be easier to socialize and participate in community activities, improving your campus experience.Despite the above advantages, there are several disadvantages associated with residence halls. They include:
  • You Don’t Get To Choose Your Roommates
    Most universities facilitate the online application of available accommodation. Thus, most likely, you’ll end up with a random roommate. If you have difficulty getting along or agreeing with your roommates, this may affect your first experience with campus life.
  • It Might Be Hard To Concentrate
    Due to many students, halls of residence may not be the ideal place if you have tranquility as your core value. Many commotions and activities will be happening, making it hard for you to finish that test or assignment.


It is another option you might consider. It involves moving out on your own or into a shared house with friends or even strangers. Thanks to technological advancement, you might conduct house hunting from the comfort of your home. Apart from this, you can find places to rent through word of mouth, on student noticeboards on campus, and more.

The following are some advantages of moving out on your own or into a shared flat. They include:

  • More Independent
    Unlike halls of residence, you have more independence if you decide to rent your room. You’ll become more responsible and self-sufficient by properly managing funds, doing duties, dealing with agencies, and more.
  • Convenient
    Renting a house allows you to choose where you’ll live. Depending on your preferences, you may decide to live close to or far from universities. Also, renting will enable you to choose housemates. To avoid alterations and other disputes, ensure you take enough time to get to know a person before asking them to move in with you.

Disadvantages Of House Renting

The following are the cons of renting a house as a student. They include:

  • Expensive
    Apart from the weekly or monthly rent, there are other bills you’ll incur. It includes food, furniture, transport, and more. If you’re working to pay your bills, you might be forced to work extra hard to cater to all the account bills to avoid evacuation and other issues.
  • Misunderstanding
    If you decide to live with a housemate, you may be in ugly disputes. Factors such as different lifestyles may contribute to this. Thus, accepting one another and cultural diffusion can go a long way in preventing misunderstandings and conflicts. Also, first-time experience with estate agents or landlords can lead to disputes, which might affect your stay on their premises.

2. Security Matters

Secutity of Student Accommodation

It is another tip that ensures you choose a suitable student accommodation. When looking for housing, understand the security situation in the area. Conduct extensive research to identify whether there are regular security patrols, mugging incidences, CCTV installation, and other factors.

For instance, if you decide to live in halls of residences, check out whether there are security personnel on-site, a helpline desk, or even installed surveillance devices. It will guarantee your safety and your belongings, saving you from incurring extra charges when you’re mugged or attacked.

Also, some accommodations may only allow residents to access higher levels of the housing, ensuring safety. Read through the housing policy to gauge whether the implemented measures will protect you and your belongings from theft, attack, and other assaults.

3. Location Is The Key

You may decide to live close to or far from your university, as mentioned above. The location of your student accommodation may influence your campus life. If you live near or on campus, it’ll be easier for you to socialize with fellow students and access the school resources. It’ll also be easier to attend lectures as there is no transport fee or traffic.

On the other hand, living far from school may ensure you get the best and most affordable deal on the market. However, if you’re driving or using public means to commute, this will increase your monthly bills. It depends on where you live; you may have to beat the traffic to arrive on time, affecting your daily schedule. For this reason, it’s vital to conduct extensive research to identify the ideal location of your student accommodation. It will ensure you have a seamless experience while in college or university.

4. Budget

When looking for student accommodation, it’s crucial to develop a sensible budget plan beforehand. It will help narrow down the list of your options, making it easier to choose the proper housing within your budget.

Apart from the city, you’ll live in; several factors might influence your budget. They include:

  • Luxury
    In universities, most people look for luxury facilities when choosing a house. It includes gyms, lounge areas, on-site washing and drying machines, and more. These facilities may increase your monthly bills, and incorporating them into your budget will ensure you choose a right student accommodation.
  • Connectivity
    The Internet, in recent years, has become a necessary part of student life. For this reason, it’s essential to choose housing with a reliable network connection, such as 5G networks. It will be easier to attend online classes, research and submit projects, and watch your favorite videos when relaxing. Each student accommodation facility will charge differently, and including the amount of money you can pay for Wi-Fi can make it easier when choosing the right housing.

Bottom Line

As discussed above, where you’ll live may influence your campus experience. Thus, it’s crucial to conduct enough research to ensure you choose the right student accommodation for you or your loved ones. It will guarantee a seamless experience while you’re on campus and make it easier to access the available resources and socialize.